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Opening up to founding members in June

Join our membership. Monthly new releases offering guidance, support, inspiration and opening. Meditations, courses and more. Monthly webinar with live meditation and Q&A session. Plus: Access to a library of content that gets refreshed every 3 months. The library contains selections of previous months' releases and/or extracts from courses that are currently not offered in our online shop. Therefore you will always have tons of content available!

Unique founding members offer will be released in June

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Programs, Journeys

Our next program will be launched in September

Programs are live, group events personally guided by Else. Programs include live webinars, support material (like summaries of what we go through, worksheets) and in some cases personal coaching sessions.

Open up to your boundless self through Journeys Journeys are pre-recorded journeys into realms of consciousness. Let the energy guide you to higher frequencies, speaking to your awakened Self. Journeys are great for opening up to parts of you or to simply relax and enjoy.

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