Else Lekkerkerker

Creator - Guide - Writer

At one point in life I decided to dive deep into life itself. With the aim to release conditioning, contractions and limitations I ended up getting educating and training on many different methodologies in the personal growth domain. What I found in the end is so much more than the freedom I sought. Today, my greatest teacher is consciousness itself. The basis of my work is a combination of the teachings I received, with the emphasis on the art of being, energy work and self-inquiry and expansion (read more below)

The Red 3

There are some ways in which anyone can truly deepen their connection to Self, Life and the Realms beyond these. This is what the Red 3 aims to offer. With the programs and productions we release, we support an holistic approach to your personal growth:

The Red 3 will equip you to experience the core of those things that bring peace, fulfillment and infinite potential to your life. Empowering you to become the creator of your life by truly knowing yourself deeply, and therefore enabling you to do what you really want to do.

The Red 3 is based on three pillars:

Only if we are able to BE we can fully open up to our Selves, our Desires, our Truth, our Pure Essence. Teachings on being fully present, being in the now, have been known for many years. For many of us this can either seem unattainable or “too spiritual”. We fear we either need to cloister ourselves and sit in meditation for years as monks do, or we fear we may lose all our lust and desire for life. Neither of these are valid fears. Life itself can become the greatest teacher.

Once we know how to BE, we open up to deep, lasting transformation. Evolving to become more of who we are in our deepest Essence. Our intimate relationship with our whole Self is the basis from which we can expand and evolve into living our full potential.

When we wake-up to ourselves, we awaken to so much more. Our tools and programs help you journey to places beyond the day-to-day mind. When we dive deep we open up to gifts like peace, oneness, life-force, unconditional love, clarity, wisdom.
  • Else's work has made me realize that body and mind are connected. A connection that, before partaking in this, was closed off. I wanted to explain everything with my head and was a master at not feeling and numbing my emotions. Else also taught me to peel off what I am not, what is not me.
  • Else has taught me to feel my body and with that also feel my emotions, even on a very subtle level. Through this, I returned home to my body and myself.
  • The program I joined touches on a lot of subjects which helped me to see where my needs and challenges are. The tools and exercises helped me to work on them. When needed, Else was there for help/ support while going through my process. Highly recommended!
  • The program 'Free your Essence' is recommendable for anyone who is willing to ask themselves the question "why do I do the things I do?" and especially "how does that make me feel?" It is not easy to consciously move to those feelings and Else understands this as no other and guides you through each step of the way.
  • During the program 'Free your Essence', I felt safe and at ease, therefore I was able to speak about anything that came up. Else knows how to ask the right questions to get to the core of things. She brings people back to their natural state of being.
  • In a loving and resolute way, Else takes you on a journey through your own emotional landscape. Thanks to her I dared to go in deeper each time, the awareness that arose I will hopefully keep with me for the rest of my life.